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Dear Fellow American,

Republicans in our state are at a crossroads. We've seen what's at stake in our country. The Biden Administration is currently wrecking our economy, creating a crisis at our border, and systematically dismantling every bit of the "America First" agenda implemented over the last four years. Career politicians, woke corporations, and the cancel culture are all empowered while our families and small businesses are left to pay the price. As the GOP, we have to decide right now if we are knocked down or knocked out. Personally, I am ready to take back our state and fight for the future of our country!

Many of you across Georgia know my wife, Janelle, and me. I am a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, a proud veteran, and the owner of a successful construction company. At the same time, my story includes being born to a teenage mother, raised in a single-parent home, and overcoming the challenge of poverty.


Statistically speaking, I shouldn't have made it. I truly am a product of the American dream, which makes me the fiercest defender of freedom, opportunity, and American exceptionalism. 

Together, we can preserve the American dream for future generations but we must...

  • Strengthen our economy by lowering taxes and allowing families to keep more of their hard-earned money

  • Prioritize national defense by securing our border, strengthening our military, and supporting our service members 

  • Protect our Constitutional rights, including the right to life, the 2nd Amendment, and religious liberty while working to limit the size and scope of government

I believe our nation deserves better than President Biden and his weak leadership, just as I believe our state deserves better than Senator Warnock's divisive far-left representation. This election for the U.S. Senate is bigger than you and me. Georgia truly is ground zero for taking back our country.


Let's win for America.

Kelvin King Signature
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